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Service support

Service support

Service support

1, service content:

In customer choice when tick products, the company's obligation to assist customers to provide optical scheme (optical 2D); provide drawings of product structure (2D); the backlight specifications of the products specifications; assist clients with optical problems; assist customers to confirm OPENCELL matching; provide module specification to help customers solve the scheme.

2, contact information:

When you need to consult the product to obtain the technical information of the relevant products, please contact the technical service personnel in order to obtain professional solutions, service hotline:

Big customer hotline:13826906331mailbox:Robin.chen@didadisplay.com

Technical consultation Mr Zhang:13691846790mailbox:Brook.zhang@didadisplay.com

Business consulting Mr. Dou:18680535801 mailbox:Arsen.dou@didadisplay.com

Business consulting Miss Li:13322612076mailbox:Eva.lee@didadisplay.com

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